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3 main reasons customers choose YOU

There are three main reasons people choose to buy from you rather than your competitors:

1. PRICE = not necessarily because you’re the cheapest but because you represent the best value for money in their view

2. PRODUCT = you’re offering what they’re looking for and want. But remember, your product may be extremely similar to a rival product from a competitor, so you’ll need something that sets you apart and above the competition. Not price (we’ve already said that’s not necessarily a factor in a person’s purchase decision). So how about delivery, customer service, guarantees, tradition, willingness and similar intangible assets?

Because the factor that makes a real difference to person’s buying decision – that can tip the balance in your favour is


The customer experience is everything about you and your business that leaves a lasting and positive impression in the customer’s perceptions, feelings and emotional “pull”.

Ask yourself: is the experience your business gives to your customers good, bad or indifferent. Is there a way to make it exceptional, out of this world, far and above what your competitors do?

*Why not get an honest appraisal of whether your business’s customer experience is bringing in the sales or, losing them?

Comments: James CarvalhoHigh-Ticket Closer | Making the Phone Mightier Than The Sword:

I think this is a very accurate perspective, many times when a company or service provider starts to lose sales (or is not making the sales they want to in the first the place) the first place they look is their marketing. And while I agree effective marketing can always be a factor in making sales if there isn’t a good customer experience then all the marketing in the world can’t save you. Very effective article, thanks for sharing!

NEXT TIME: Why talking to yourself is good for business.

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