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3 steps to build a powerful brand

A powerful brand helps you compete in a crowded marketplace

  • Means you don’t have to compete on price
  • Builds customer loyalty and a prouder staff
  • And can be extended to new products and services

There are three key elements to creating and building a business brand

  1. LOGO AND COMPANY COLOURS – “house style” is a major factor and needs to be consistent, or at least reflected, in all customer-facing materials, brochures, shop front etc
  2. THE BRAND PROMISE – what you stand for, what you promise, your business values and ethics. Usually linked to who you are and what you do statements and can be – though not necessarily – tied into your USP.
  3. THE BRAND EXPERIENCE is what happens to and with your customers when they interact with your brand, either via direct contact with the products /services or through the feelings and perceptions they associate with the brand. For example, you can be driving down a motorway at night in the pouring rain and if you see the golden arches of MacDonalds in the distance through the rain-spattered windscreen, you immediately associate the brand (even though you can hardly see it!) with a well-deserved break from the journey, a fast, hot meal (and you can predict exactly what it’ll be) add a drink.

Comments (2)

Samia Wyatt, Ballyhoopro says:
August 21, 2014 at 7:52 am Reply

Samia Wyatt, Ballyhoopro Branding, Design and Web, Houston, Texas:
As simple as that… We all wish to have the “McDonald’s” brand indentiy impact on our own brands, and we can. Just like you mentioned… consistency is key and time of course.
Greate article. Simple and to the point.
Thank you for sharing.

Philip says:
August 20, 2014 at 8:50 am Reply

Shane O’ Mahony, Blow Media, Harrogate & Maidenhead:
Couldn’t agree more Philip.

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