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Is your PR “bolted on” as an afterthought?

When businesses draw up their marketing plans it is all too often the case that “PR” gets bolted on as an afterthought. If thought of at all. Rather than being involved from the start in all business development issues.

Whether or not you already have an in-house PR person, or employ an agency, or are wondering about the merits of employing a part-time/interim/freelance PR consultant, here are five tips to help you make sure you’re getting the PR you deserve.

  1. How much!?”!

There’s a misplaced belief that if you tell agencies how much you want/can afford to spend, they’ll simply inflate their fees to match your estimates. But NOT being transparent about your budget is like walking into a car showroom and being told you have to GUESS how much the cars are.

You might think your latest sprogget deserves an all-singing, all-dancing million pound launch, but if in fact you only have a 50p budget, you’ll get what you pay for. On the up side, however, we PR types are quite used to making silk purses out of sows’ ears! (*So set me a challenge and bring me your sow’s ear!)

The problem with keeping your budget under wraps is that you risk wasting everybody’stime. One agency might come back with a million pound proposal full of incredible ideas that you can’t afford, while another pitches base-level, £2,000-per-month ideas that fail to impress.

You’re back to square one, and two agencies have wasted their time creating pointless pitches.

And always remember: An agency that offers you a £5,000 PR campaign for £1,000 is either lying, or won’t be in business for long.

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