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7 tips for email campaign success

Most important? DON’T TRY TO SELL!

7 tips for email campaign success (Clue: Start by segmenting the database)

1. Segment the customer database according to

  1. the business sector each contact is in

  2. their relationship with and value to your business

This will enable you to:

2. Target emailers to specific audiences.

3. Each mailer can then be bespoke to each specific audience/recipient. One basic message can be worked and reworked so that it is relevant to the target audience.

4. Make the email content friendly, informal and informative. The end user should feel they’ve “got something out of” your email.


6. Don’t expect 1 mailer to persuade people to buy. Have a programme of follow-on mailers ready to go.

7. Keep at it! (Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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