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8 out of 10 cats… and other sales grabbers

One of the keys to acquiring additional customers and making more sales is to learn the who, what, where, when and how about the people you want to buy from you.

Without being overly intrusive and without giving them massive questionnaires to answer, see what new and additional knowledge you can gain about who they are and what they do, and the kind of things they enjoy.

There are plenty of opportunities to send out emails and mail designed to capture information about customers and potential customers, which can be analysed in order to provide insight into their past, present and potential buying habits.

Not only will this analysis show up people who are more likely to be future customers – and what they are likely to buy – but, equally importantly, will show people who are UNLIKELY to be customers. And disqualifying people from your list is a least as important as qualifying them, because you don’t want to be expending your business time, effort, energy and resources chasing people who are not and probably never will be a “fit” with your products and services.

The process of separating the “likely” from the “unlikely” can be conducted via online surveys (e.g. 8 out of 10 cats prefer Kittifood), product information, order forms, social media interactions, customer feedback forms, money offs, vouchers, reward and loyalty schemes, sign up/subscriber opportunities and similar.

The better we understand our customers’ tastes and habits, the better we’ll be able to engage them with “personal” and bespoke messages that will build a relationship and increase responses.

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