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A fascinating insight into the sneaky world of selling

You’re invited to our super summer Sales seminar…

… and get a fascinating insight into the sneaky world of selling.

“Sales training lke you’ ve never seen it before!”

The phsycological tricks that persaude people to buy

Every day, people just like you are being secretly manipulated into buying things.

Advertisers, marketing specialists and sales professionals use a “secret language” that’s designed to make more people buy more stuff.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN to learn the tips, techniques and tricks of the trade so that you can persuade YOUR customers to buy more from YOU…

… and at the same time spot the traps being laid to get you to part with your hard earned cash!

The Secret Language Of Selling will teach you

  • The Powerful manipulators and Psychological tactics used to influence people’s buying behaviour

  • The “3 Es” that can convert “just browsing” into “just buying”

  • Key words and phrases that “push the buttons of desire” that you can introduce into your own sales campaigns

  • The importance of earwigs!

  • The 3 most powerful selling words in the English language

  • The ultimate sales weapon

Thursday July 12 1.30pm-4pm 

Airedale Enterprise Centre


Sunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley BD21 5LE

Further details at http://www.philipgwynne.co.uk/contact/

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