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A fate worse than solitaire!

Now’s a quiet time in many Marketing offices, as one financial year ends and new contracts have yet to be started.

Here at Naked Towers we’re using this unusually quiet time to update our records, do a little light prospecting and clean the dust bunnies from behind the filing cabinet.

But this state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue!

Marketing-types need to be fulfilled, motivated, EMPLOYED… on creating marketing plans, for instance, or developing sales campaigns or PR initiatives.

We must take action – and take action now – before Marketing professionals are reduced to playing computer solitaire.

For just a few pounds per month, you can adopt a highly qualified marketing & sales person to help your business grow and prosper.

Call us with your business growth plans today and see how a little professional help can turn those ambitions into reality.

Donate generously.

Save them from a fate worse than solitaire!

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