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How to “do” successful branding

Having a strong brand – one that creates the right impression in the minds of customers and hoped-for customers – is essential in a world where consumers are assaulted by advertising on all sides… in all kinds of ways…through all kinds of media… and by all kinds of businesses vying for their money.

Therefore, a strong, positive brand can be especially valuable when competing in a crowded marketplace. The positive associations your customers and hoped-for customers make with your business, products and services is your Unique Selling Point… it’s what sets you apart from the competition because ONLY YOUR brand makes those associations with your target market.

And it means you don’t need to compete on price. Because the brand itself has value in the minds of your target markets (see Rolls Royce for example)

This applies just as much, if not more so, if the brand is just you…

The NAKED Marketing Company has published a new FREE GUIDE to How to “do” successful branding for your business

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