The NAKED Marketing Company is based in West Yorkshire and works mainly with and for established SMEs.

We have only one purpose: to help your business grow and prosper.

We do this through our wide experience of

  • Marketing – to attract more people to your goods and services
  • Sales campaigns – to get more people to buy more from you more often
  • Public Relations to promote and grow your business for nothing (or next to nothing!)

The NAKED Marketing Company is headed by Philip J Gwynne, an award-winning, classically trained marketing and PR specialist.

Contact Philip on 07549 153391/01274 985740 email philip@thenakedcomany.co.uk

*Why not request a FREE SALES & MARKETING AUDIT to help identify opportunities for further sales, profit and growth in YOUR business?

Some examples of recent work we’ve done:

Creator of The Glove Box Buddy™ drivers’ aid, the Good Health Hamper™, Safer Roads Day

Construction & facilities = Community relations and PR

Sports club =Sponsorship development and outreach

Commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction equipment = Local & trade publicity, Video, Social media marketing, Website content, Direct mail campaigns

Industrial shelving = Local & trade publicity

Triathlon events – event publicity and promotion

F1 simulator = Sales & Marketing consultation

Charity = Sales & Marketing consultation

Poultry houses= Local & trade publicity

Charity = Sales & Marketing consultation, Sales training

Architects = Sales & Marketing consultation

Broadcaster = Launch marketing & PR, Community relations

Plastics Manufacturer = Local & trade publicity, Video, Social media marketing, Community PR

Software developer = Launch marketing & PR, Social media marketing, Marketing and business development plans

Media training= Communication skills training, Marketing and business development plans

Health supplements = Local & trade publicity, Direct mail campaigns, Sponsorship development

NHS equipment – direct mail + support social media and publicity



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