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Who we are and how we can help

NAKED Marketing & Public Relations is based in West Yorkshire and works mainly with and for established SMEs. We have only one purpose: to help your business grow and prosper. We do this through our wide experience of

Marketing– to attract more people to your goods and services

Public Relations to promote and grow your business for nothing 


Philip J Gwynne is an award-winning communications and marketing specialist. Through his work, he has been presented to royalty and appeared on stage on Broadway.

He set up NAKED Marketing and Public Relations to help business owners & managers in all manner of enterprises, big and small, to sustain and grow their business. In an honest-to-goodness, down to earth and cost effective manner.

Philip is a sought-after after-dinner speaker and presenter on a range of business growth subjects in the areas of marketing, sales development and publicity/public relations.

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