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An inch of editorial

  • An inch of editorial is worth a page of advertising.

Well-placed publicity items provide a low cost means of telling your business story, reporting positive news and enhancing reputation.

I suggest creating a pre-planned programme of publicity/PR opportunities for 6-12 months going forward across the business overall but also focusing on specific products and initiatives.

I envisage generating a publicity/PR story about once a quarter on average. But ONLY if there’s a “proper story” to tell, a genuine news angle – journalists and news editors do not like and WILL NOT USE so-called “puff pieces”, that is articles meant to promote a particular product or company without a valid news reason.

In particular, you’d want to achieve editorial coverage (i.e. “free advertising”) in the media that’s read by the people you most want to influence: past, present and potential customers.

Publicity and public relations should be a key component of customer acquisition and retention and, therefore, should be integrated into the overall marketing mix

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