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Are you scaring would-be customers away… without realising it?

September 21, 2016 Blog & news, customer experience, Sales  0



What if the nearly-a-customer DOESN’T complete their purchase?

There could be any one of a score of reasons why people change their minds at the last minute, not the least of which is the sudden realisation that they’re about to hand over some of their hard earned money.

However, if we spot that it’s happening regularly, that a significant percentage of would-be buyers change their minds every month, then we need to ask:

What are we doing wrong?

What are we doing to scare them off?

If people keep turning away from the sale at the last minute, either the sales process isn‘t working properly, or our salespeople aren’t. 

When the would-be customer turns away from committing to the purchase at the last minute, it is a common mistake for salespeople (and their managers and their employers) to try harder to make the sale. This generally manifests itself as

  • trying to overcome the would-be customer’s objections
  • restating the features and benefits of the product or service
  • lowering the purchase price
  • all of the above 

These are futile and pointless exercises.

… because if the would-be customer has decided against making the purchase, no power on earth can persuade them to buy something they’ve decided they don’t want.

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