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Books about “how to sell” are RUBBISH! Here’s why…

Judging by the number of books there are about “how to sell”, the business world must be full of salespeople and their managers who all believe that they could and should be selling more… if they only knew how. If only they knew the right sales techniques… or had the right sales staff… or the right training… or any “if only” excuse you can think of…

But ask yourself:

  • How can a book you dip into during the train journey into work or read for a few minutes at lunchtime or turn to in the evening while you’ve got one eye on the telly… how can that teach you how to “do” selling?
  • How can something written by a complete stranger… who knows nothing about you or your organisation or your products/services or your customers … how can that teach you how to “do” selling?
  • How can something that’s written for a mass-market… one size fits all… how can that teach you how to “do” selling?

Then there are all the seminars, conferences, training events, lectures, presentations and exhibitions that are about “how to sell”. A lot of so-called selling experts are making a lot of money because they know that the business world is full of people who are searching for some kind of magic solution that’ll put their sales into orbit.

Everyone, apparently, is looking in the wrong place.

Must be, or else why do so many of them keep buying all those how to “do” selling books and attending all those events?

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