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Let your prospects sniff you! – building bridges to more sales

The customer experience is (or should be!) the bridge that transports the enquirer/visitor/prospect from curious to convinced, from “just browsing” to “just buying”.

It achieves this by providing the enquirer with the opportunity to engage with… to enjoy a personal experience with… the product/service on offer – and with the person who represents it, the salesperson.

Because once they’ve done that – once they’ve had an up close and personal encounter with the product/service – it becomes difficult not to desire to buy it.

So, acquiring and keeping customers is NOT about selling to people. It’s about letting people have… letting them enjoy… that personal interest/commitment/connection with what we’re offering – letting them touch it, smell it, play with it, take it home, stroke it, try it out, try it on, use it, test it, mess about with it, get familiar with it.

Why do you suppose car retailers are so keen for us to take a test drive? Because they know that once we’ve sat in the car, smelt the leather, heard the engine go vroom, held the steering wheel, and gone for a drive… once we’ve done that, human nature dictates that we will want to keep the car, we’ll desire it.

So.. if somebody wanders into your showroom, phones you up, picks up a brochure, contacts you via your website etc, they have already decided to buy the goods/service you offer. Though not necessary from you. And the SALE starts at that point. To persuade them to buy from you and not from the bloke down the road.

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