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Can we REALLY trust Santa Claus?

December 20, 2017 Blog & news, Build a better business, Sales  0

We spend years warning our kids not to talk to strangers, especially men.

Then, come Christmas time… and surrounded by news stories about paedophiles and sexual predators… we plonk them on the knee of a strange-looking old bloke with a false beard and a red disguise and encourage them to trust the strange man and he’ll bring you toys and sweeties.

We expect our children to trust our judgement as parents that they should trust a complete stranger!

For 43 per cent of decision-makers in UK business, trust is the most important factor when closing a deal. According to the Institute of Sales Management, three-quarters of UK sales professionals have an unfair image problem of being untrustworthy, untruthful and ever-ready to take advantage of an unwary customer.

“People buy people, not products” is a well-known business truism. Perhaps that should be amended to “people buy people they trust”?

What do YOU think – do salespeople have an unfair reputation for being untrustworthy?


John D—- , Founder/Owner/Manager: Said the same thing when we took our grandchild to see Santa!

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