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Content marketing that rocks! And how to create it…

With these examples as your guide it’s time to get out there and make some great content. In doing so, you can build your brand and keep your audience engaged.

To summarize:

  • Create content people want to share, whether that’s because it’s funny, powerful, interesting, or newsworthy.
  • Create something unique, even if you’re just putting a new spin on something old.
  • Personalize the experience whenever and wherever you can.
  • Tell a story that people can relate to.
  • Teach your audience something.
  • Adapt your content to new and different platforms (website Latest News, email campaign, PR initiative etc)

(… or ask a Marketing professional to do it for you!)

Next week: “People buy people, not products” is a well-known business truism. Perhaps it should be amended?

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