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Database house-keeping

How and why to continuously maintain your database.

Yes, I know it’s a ball-breaking chore – I’ve managed databases for clients more times than I care to remember – but it’s ESSENTIAL.

We want our email campaigns to be received by and acted upon by the people with whom we want to develop and maintain a profitable relationship. The only way to do that is to ensure our contacts database is kept constantly up to date.

All email campaigns get unread returns, gone aways, “no longer works here”, bounce backs, etc – don’t ignore them. By removing the unsubscribes and bounce backs, etc, we will gradually reduce the size of our emailing list AND THIS IS A GOOD THING. Because we don’t want the database to be cluttered with people who don’t want our stuff, who don’t want to hear from us and who are – to be frank – a waste of our time, effort, energy and resources.

It’s better to have an emailing list of only a dozen people who are actively engaged with us and our offering than thousands who wish we’d bugger off and leave them alone!

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