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Direct marketing, direct mailing and Email campaigns

The purpose of direct marketing, direct mailing and Email campaigns is to keep the business name, brand and products in the thinking of an audience of past, present and hoped-for users and customers, and thereby to solicit sales enquiries.

The purpose is NOT to try and sell stuff!

Not right away, anyway…

With our clients, we design a programme of news, stories, issues, promotions and messages to be sent to specific and target audiences on their database… and  “convert” these stories into timely direct mailers.

After every email issued, we count the number of people who actually opened and read the mailer, compared with the total list it was sent to. Over time, this will enable us to judge which subjects were of most interest to most of our target audience.

Of those who open and read, we note how many people pro-actively responded by clicking on hyperlinks within the mailer to obtain more information from our website. These are people who are definitely interested in what we’re mailing them about and who therefore provide a tangible sales lead to be followed  up with a personal phone call or letter.


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