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Do you know how to engage and make most of your posted online content?

Social media is useful as a first step to reaching out and finding new prospects and customers… providing you frequently and regularly post content that’s of interest to your ideal prospects.

So, here are some tips on having and maintaining interesting, effective and ultimately profitable social media marketing;

  • Keep your profile up to date, including your photo- no “arty” stuff, though, just you, looking “out”, smiling, dressed professionally and looking as if you’re open for business

  • Post content frequently, not just about you and how marvelous your new sprogget is, but about the things that affect and interest the people you’re posting to.

  • Similarly, if you see content from elsewhere that interests you, why not pass it along to your own network, as a Like, a Comment or a Share.

A share is probably the most valuable as it shows you value the content and feel it‘ s worst sharing with your network, says Linked In specialist Nigel Cliffe, nigel@valueexchange.co.uk

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