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Do you understand what your customers REALLY want?

There are only 6 things that ALL customers want.

As a marketer, I speak to lots of customers to determine the future shape of my clients’ marketing and customer service.

And what customers tell me they want boils down to 6 simple things:

  1. Make buying EASY. No massive form-filling or pre-sale questionnaire. Leave the feedback sheets until later. But don’t make it TOO easy – customers like to feel they’re in control of the process
  2. Set their expectations. This means being honest. For example, don’t waffle and bullsh*t about “it’ll be with you in a couple of days” when you know damn well it‘ll take a full month to arrive. Set out clearly the T&Cs – and stick to them.
  3. Keep your promises. Better to under-promise and over-deliver than the other way round.
  4. Keep them informed at all steps in the process. Better to over-inform or tell them something they already know than leave the customer in the dark about what’s happening to the goods they’ve paid for.
  5. Treat each customer as an individual. Make them feel important – BECAUSE THEY ARE
  6. If it goes wrong, whether it’s your fault or not – put it right, apologise and demonstrate that you’ve taken action to ensure it won’t go wrong again.

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