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What USE is “P.R.”?


One of the most useful and cost-effective ways to help generate sales and sales enquiries is PR. Or, to be more precise, the pre-planned use of targeted public relations and publicity…

If you’ve ever wondered why some businesses always seem to be getting free advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, it’s probably because they’ve discovered the value of publicity and PR.

PR is a high impact, low cost way to get your business in front of lots of potential customers. It’s more flexible, more effective and much cheaper than conventional paid for advertising.

And it works!

“Just a quick e mail to say a big thanks. to you for getting my new poultry house such good free! Coverage in the local paper and even a spot on BBC South Today radio show. The up shot is a local estate has now ordered one for their farm shop at a cost of £3500.00. PR works – best ad material I’ve had ! Mark Francis, Mark Francis Ltd http://www.markfrancis.co.uk/

If, like Mark, you’d like to sell more stuff for minimum effort and expense, please contact me.

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