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How staff can DESTROY your brand!

Your staff are a key part of the customer’s  brand experience. Do your staff appreciate that fact?  Do they uphold the positive aspects of your business’s brand values and promise?

This is not: Do they look smart… do they wear a clean uniform… do they swear in front of customers? It’s more to do with how they interact with customers and hoped-for customers. And if they don’t actually serve the customers, how do they serve the people who do?

And, though you can’t legislate for this, it’s worth thinking about how they talk about the business behind its back.

With friends, neighbours, family or mates down the pub, how do they respond when asked: How’s work? Do they launch into a diatribe of how crap the company is, the bosses are all b——ds, the staff are incompetent, the products are rubbish etc etc. Or do they believe and support the company’s core values and brand message?

If they don’t, it’ll be because there’s a disconnect between what the company says it is and what it actually is, which is a more serious failure than can be fixed by simply changing the logo!

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Philip says:
September 5, 2014 at 5:34 pm Reply

Nigel Dean, Marketing Manager and CIM Chartered Marketer, Manchester:
Very true Philip,
Staff don’t need to be doing things wrong to be out of step with your brand. A young, funky, casual brand with stuffy, corporate, conservative staff will not sound authentic. Any brand must be consistent at all times, online, off-line and face to face, to build trust and add value. But if staff don’t understand the brand, they will just make it up for themselves. For my money, it needs to be driven directly from the top down. If the MD and board team don’t understand or ‘live the brand’ no-one else will.

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