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Fastest way to G.R.O.W. a business?

There are lots of people cleverer than I am who claim to have “the keys to the kingdom”, so far as starting, running and growing a business is concerned.

My own offering is plain, simple, easy to remember and, frankly, as good as anyone else’s.

It’s G.R.O.W.

G = Goals. Set some. How do you want your business to look in, say, three years’ time? If you’re perfectly content to stay as you are, that’s okay. So long as the mortgage is paid and there’s food on the table is all some people aspire to. But make it a firm and planned commitment, not a “scrape by and hope for the best”.

R = Realistic. You’re unlikely to achieve your goal if it’s simply “this time next year we’ll be millionaires”. Be specific – rather than have a goal “to sell more”, make it “to increase sales by 5%” (for example) then you’ll have something tangible to aim for – and to achieve.

O = Options. Now that you know where you want to go, how’ll you get there? The road to success is full of unexpected hazards, diversions and U-turns, so if your  first attempt at achieving a certain goal isn’t successful, what fall-backs will you have in place? Remember if Plan A doesn’t work, there are another 25 letters of the alphabet to fall back on.

W = Way forward. So… you know what you want to achieve and you have strategies/options in place to achieve them. All you need do now is set yourself some realistic deadlines to achieve specific goals and consider how you will measure if and when you have achieved them.

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Bill Mitchell, Mortgage Broker, Melbourne, Australia: Nice! Worth sharing, thanks.

Bronwyn Reid mentioned you in a comment on your post. Nice post +Philip Gwynne

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