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Give it away!

If you’re looking for people to buy your stuff and you don’t know them and they don’t know you, what you’ll want to do is get them to “try it out”, so that you’re not complete strangers to each other. You’ll want them to engage with you, your company and your offer. In order to be confident about buying from you (you’re a stranger, after all), they need to become familiar with you. And a proven way to get them to engage is to offer them the opportunity to “try it out” for free.

If someone has the opportunity to experience your product or service, chances are they will want to purchase more.

So don’t be afraid to give someone a free trial or a sample – people are more comfortable purchasing something they have been able to experience first.

Why do you suppose car retailers are so keen for us to take a test drive? Because they know that once we’ve sat in the car, smelt the leather, held the steering wheel, listened to the engine go vroom and gone for a drive…

… once we’ve taken the family out for a spin and our “other half” has admired the roomy interior and the wood effect dashboard…

…and the kids have bounced about in the back seats…

… and the neighbours have popped round to admire it parked on the driveway and asked questions that allow us to talk knowledgeably about torque and urban cycles and safety ratings…

Once we have enjoyed that personal interest/commitment/connection…

… it becomes very difficult for us not to desire it and not to buy it.

(This also explains why car salespeople are usually on bonus schemes where their earnings are related to the number of test drives they arrange).

If giving it away works for car showrooms, why can’t it work for you and your service or products?

Next time: Bringing it all together – 10 inexpensive marketing strategies that will help you engage customers, build relationships, and ultimately keep your brand top-of-mind.




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[…] Give people a free trial or a sample. People are more comfortable purchasing something they have been able to experience first. […]

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