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Here’s why it’s unwise to upset the PR person!

October 11, 2017 Blog & news, Public Relations  0

From time to time, inevitably, relationships between a supplier and a client will come to an end – deadlines are met, projects completed, contracts fulfilled.

Sometimes though (let’s be honest) relationships go sour, for whatever reason. So… for all those business managers who may be about to part company with their PR and/or marketing provider… here’s a piece of very important advice;

Don’t p### off the PR person!

The person who looks after your business PR and publicity…  whether or not they’re in-house, employee or freelance/consultant – knows where all your bodies are buried, figuratively speaking. He/she may have been putting out positive news, features, promotions, literature, etc. up to now, but he/she knows better than most what the real, unvarnished, un-spun truth is.

With a couple of phone calls to their contacts in the media, they could, if they were so inclined, demolish a corporate reputation that’s taken years to build.

So… however good, bad or indifferent you feel they may have been managing your PR, be nice, smile, shake hands and separate on good terms.

Alternatively, learn how do or own PR from now on…

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