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How and why to integrate your mailer campaigns into the wider marketing mix.

In recent blogs, I’ve talked about how to improve the effectiveness of direct mail and email campaigns. And I’ve talked about how to capture insights about your targets that can lead to closer ties and mutually profitable relationships. And understrapping all this, I’ve talked about the need to establish and maintain accurate and up-to-date databases of customers and people you want as customers.

So… now let’s talk about the need to integrate your mailer campaigns into the wider marketing mix.

A campaign needs to be launched and seen across multiple channels e.g. direct mail, email, online, SEO, ads, website content and publicity/PR. In this way, the message will be put in front of the maximum number of different audiences, and will be repeated and emphasised over and over to achieve the best visibility and uptake.

When a campaign, its themes and messages, are experienced at multiple touch points by your customers and potential customers, they are far more likely to engage with your campaign and consider your brand and your products when they make their purchase decisions.

(Click here for more about email/direct marketing http://www.philipgwynne.co.uk/marketing/)

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