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How can I improve sales performance?

A less-than-desired sales performance may be more the result of systemic inadequacies within the organisation than of any individual’s failings.

How have the sales people been taught, trained and told to sell? A sales person can only be as good as they have been taught to be.

Sales processes, procedures and paperwork are supposed to support and smooth out the salesperson’s efforts. Every minute that salespeople are obliged to spend form-filling or writing up reports is time they are NOT doing what they’re paid to do: selling.

Ask yourself: Are they helped or hindered by the paperwork in YOUR organisation?

And if the sales manager has undergone the same training as the sales team, or if they are bound by the same systems and processes, there will be – can be – no significant and sustained improvement in sales. Shouting at the so-called slackers – or replacing them – will only make a small and short-term difference at best. And will de-motivate those who remain.

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