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How many inches do YOU have?

October 27, 2015 Advertising, Blog & news, Public Relations  1

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An inch of editorial is worth a page of advertising.

Well-placed publicity items provide a low cost means of telling your business story, reporting positive news and enhancing reputation.

But remember: PR is not some last minute bolt-on to your marketing strategy. PR should be an integral part of the management decision-making process right from the start, to flag up and exploit potential good news stories to tell the world, as well as possible issues and negative publicity to be avoided.

Create a programme of publicity/PR opportunities for 12-18 months going forward across the business overall but also focusing on specific products and initiatives. I envisage generating a publicity/PR story about once a quarter on average.

In particular, you should seek to achieve editorial coverage in the media that’s read by the people you most want to influence: past, present and potential customers.

Publicity and public relations can be a key component of customer acquisition and retention.

Through publicity/PR you can

  • Create an environment where the business name and products become more familiar to and recognised by customers and people we want as customers
  • Raise profile, reinforce reputation and enhance brand values
  • Develop relationships with key journalists at target media

Publicity/PR might include, for example:

  •  Examples of work – local & regional as well as national & international
  • Contacts won and client testimonials
  • Launch of latest product/service
  • Established x years
  • Corporate news – e.g. new arrivals, retirements, departures, long service awards, management and Board changes, meet our new team
  • Joint ventures/Case studies

These stories will be targeted at business, specialist and sector-specific publications because:

  • This is what present and past customers read… and so it keeps the company name, brand and products close to and in the thinking of core audiences
  • These publications are read by suppliers, stakeholders and business & industry communities
  • Positive publicity builds reputation, “presence” and brand
  • It’s free advertising!

Hold the front page! – how to gain valuable publicity and FREE ADVERTISING for your business: http://www.philipgwynne.co.uk/workshop/hold-the-front-page-how-to-gain-valuable-publicity-and-free-advertising-for-your-business/

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