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How the right sort of preparation can make your marketing P.E.R.F.E.C.T

Often clients come to The Naked Marketing Company (other marketing companies are available -Ed) because they reached a point where they think they need “Marketing”, but aren’t sure what marketing is exactly. Also, they’re unsure how to make marketing work for their specific enterprise. Or even, if it can work for their specific enterprise.

But if these companies don’t address the matter, the business is likely to stagger along from one sale to the next – it scrapes along the bottom when with a little marketing help it could be sailing along with the wind in its sails. (That’s enough nautical references – Ed)

The way to avoid this situation developing is by being organised and prepared. Because the right sort of preparation can make your marketing perfect;

  • P = Preparation: Have a “shopping list” to hand of what you want from your Marketing
  • E = Enthusiasm: If you’re not enthusiastic about your business, how can you expect a Marketing provider to be?
  • R = Realism: How much or how little of the “Shopping list” are marketing companies capable of supplying?
  • F = Focus: Get the marketing company to commit to how they would help you achieve the goals you want for your business
  • E = Empathy: You need to understand that there are no guarantees with marketing. It’s not an overnight cure for flagging sales and no honest marketing person will offer guarantees about how much more money their marketing will bring to your company.
  • C= Connect: A marketing provider should work in partnership with you and/or your people to achieve your aims.
  • T = Time it right. Allow time to set up and run a campaign. And for the results to come through

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