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How to convert people from “just browsing” to “just buying”

The Marketing effort – window display, ads, special promotions, PR – are all designed to attract people to your goods and services.

What happens next, after they’ve been attracted and become interested, will determine whether they stay “just browsing” or convert to “just buying”.


When a prospective customer walks into your premises, or phones you up, or picks up a brochure, etc. they do this because they are already interested in buying the goods or service you are offering.

They may even have already made a decision to purchase.

 Though not necessarily from us.

When they walk into our showroom, phone us up, pick up our brochure etc., they are in the process of deciding if they’ll buy the goods/service we’re offering from us or from one of our competitors.

And they’ve wandered into our place (or phoned us up or picked up our brochure):

  • To confirm that we do have what they want/need
  • To compare prices and deals with our competitors that they’ve also wandered into (phoned up, picked up a brochure from) or are going to visit next
  • To try and have a personal interest/commitment/connection with the product/service they’re looking for
  • To decide whether we create a sufficiently positive impression that persuades them to exchange their hard-earned money with us for our goods/services, or go somewhere else

And that internal process starts the moment they walk in through the door, meet a member of staff, or contact your company on the phone or online.

First impressions last

There’s never a second chance to create a good first impression

What kind of first impressions do you want them to have?

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