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Organisations have two places to look when they seek to appoint Marketing managers: inside the organisation or outside the organisation.

ADVANTAGES of appointing from inside the organisation

  • The organisation is already familiar with its people and will have gained an impression of who might be suitable candidates
  • There are negligible costs with the recruitment and appointment process
  • Appointment can be made swiftly, meaning there is little or no disruption in the day-to-day operation of the organisation or the new manager’s team/department


  • Recruiting from within limits the organisation’s choices
  • The best person for the role could be “out there” right now just looking for a chance to join the organisation
  • Just because an internal candidate may be a good employee it doesn’t mean they are the best/most suitable for a Marketing/management role.
  • Appointing/promoting an existing employee can cause resentment among other employees who feel they should have been appointed instead

ADVANTAGES of appointing from outside the organisation

  • The organisation can cast its recruitment net in a much bigger pool of talent that matches the role’s requirements and the organisation’s current and future needs.
  • People from other companies, other industries, even other parts of the world, can bring fresh perspectives, valuable experiences, additional knowledge, skills and abilities, which may be lacking within the “gene pool” of existing employees
  • Employing a specialist recruitment company saves the organisation time, effort and resources because the organisation is presented with a ready-made shortlist of candidates who fit the role’s requirements spot on
  • Better still, how about appointing a freelance/consultant on a part-time or interim basis? They can bring the benefit of all they’ve learned from working with other organisations.


  • Advertising in publications read by the people you want to attract as managers can be expensive
  • It is time-consuming to advertise, assess applications, shortlist candidates, hold interviews, conduct second interviews, make a job offer and wait for the successful candidate to serve out their period of notice
  • In the meantime, there is disruption in the day-to-day operation of the organisation and to the new manager’s team/department
  • Employing a specialist recruitment company costs money


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