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How to improve the “hit rate” of your email campaigns

If you want to improve the chances of your email campaigns “hitting home”, you need to communicate regularly. Before we go on, let’s define what “hitting home” means. It’s when the person you’re emailing responds to your email by reading it several times (shows they’re interested) and/or by clicking on a link to a section of your website included in the mailer and/or by contacting you direct for more information. But it doesn’t mean “selling” to them!

Though if they just happen to be wanting to buy what your email is offering, so much the better. But email campaigns are NOT about selling, they’re about developing relationships with contacts to the point when they actively WANT to buy from you.

You can see, therefore, that converting someone from an uninterested and silent stranger into an actively interested potential customer is likely to require more than a one-off mailer. Hence the advice about communicating regularly.

Got some interesting news? Tell people!

Here are some examples of what you might want to tell people about:

  • Examples of work – local & regional as well as national & international
  • Contacts won and client testimonials
  • Launch of latest product/service
  • Established x years
  • Corporate news – e.g. new arrivals, retirements, departures, awards, management and Board changes, meet our new team
  • Joint ventures/Case studies

By keeping in touch regularly, you’ll be in the forefront of people’s minds when they’re ready to buy.

*For more about how to run effective direct mail and email campaigns and related profile-raising and sales-generating initiatives, visit our public relations page:

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