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How to make the most of your database

All businesses have (or ought to have!) some kind of database of past, present and hoped-for customers, even if it’s just copies of invoices, receipts and emails.

The customer database is a company’s record of those people it wants to motivate to willing action (buy, subscribe, gamble, donate, sign up, switch suppliers etc) and past, present and hoped for customers…

We need to expand the database – the more people we are engaged with, the better the chances of targeting our direct mailing and direct marketing efforts and generating sales enquiries from them.

We need to group contacts according to

  • the business they’re in (butcher, baker, candlestick maker)
  • their trading history with us i.e.

– people who Don’t Know Us And Don’t Use Us but whom we’d like to have as customers

– people who Know Us But Don’t Use Us, so we can ask why they don’t buy from us

– people who Know Us And Use Us (customers for now)

– customers who Know Us, Use Us And Are Long Term Loyal To Us, because they are our pipeline to future and continuing revenue

– people who Used To Use Us but don’t use us any more (lapsed), to ask them what did we do to make them leave

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