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How to sell more (3) – Creating a “Wow!” factor

Let’s be honest – many businesses do a bare minimum to service their customers and keep them sweet (and coming back for more). They think that it’s sufficient “customer service” for the customer to get what they ordered, at the price they agreed and delivered when agreed.

But by always exceeding customer expectations and creating a series of “Wow!” moments, we can encourage long term loyalty, spend and value among our customers.

The question for you is – how can you create a memorable experience from the “every day”?

Here is how you can get started:

  • Analyse your clients’ experiences with your business, products and services (from their perspective not yours). If in doubt, ask them by involving customers in a market research exercise designed to improve your service to them
  • Understand your clients’ needs, wants, expectations and emotions around your offering.
  • Commit every part of your business – admin, “back office”, logistics, design and training – to creating a “Wow!” experience.
  • Ask your staff how they might add a “Wow!” experience to their specific part of the business.

Creating above-and-beyond- expectations customer “experiences” and outstanding back office support inside the business… and getting everyone in the business committed to making them happen… are powerful marketing and selling tools.

… because when your customers experience beyond- expectations “Wow!” moments and get consistent back office support and service, they spread the word and bring in friends, neighbours, colleagues and others as additional and new customers.

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