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How to spoil the festive season!

Few things spoil the festive season jollity than to return to your desk, switch on your computer and find several hundred (thousand?) emails demanding your attention.  

Okay, so you can ignore and delete the Christmas e-card and best wishes emails from people too cheap and lazy to actually send a card… but that still leaves a disheartening number of messages from which there’s no escape.

And while you’re responding to/acknowledging these, how can you actually get on with the business of managing your business?

This helps explain why – especially at this hiatus between Christmas and New Year – so many small businesses have no contingency plans for dealing with important stuff like developing marketing plans and sales campaigns and sending out a bit of publicity to remind current and prospective customers alike that yes, actually, we ARE open for business at this time…

We all know that the key to generating more sales, more income and more profit is by having good sales and marketing plans in place… a month-by-month calendar of campaigns and tactics all designed with one aim in mind – to earn more money.

So, start with an analysis of your sales and marketing initiatives to date … to highlight where your business may be leaking sales and where the opportunities lie to make more sales.

This would be followed up with a “shopping list” of exclusively-for-your-business marketing and sales activities designed to generate more sales and profit

… and then an estimate of the time, effort, energy and resources that would be required to “make it happen”.

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