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How to tell if you need some help with marketing your business (even if you think you don’t!)

There are plenty of self-proclaimed “Marketing” companies around that take a lot of money in exchange for a vamped-up brochure, or a snazzy new website, or an expensive new logo and brand identity.

But for the business manager who knows little or nothing about Marketing, how is he/she to know whether they REALLY need a new brochure or website or brand ID… or if they’re being beguiled and blinded into handing over their hard-earned money for something that’s not going to help their business grow and prosper. How can they know whether or not they should employ a marketing consultant at all?

The answer is to start by asking yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Am I allocating enough time to know who my customers are and what each is worth to my business now and in the future?
  2. Do I know who and where my possible future customers are and how I can reach them to make sure they know about my business?
  3. Do I have a month-by-month plan of marketing activities designed to increase profile, reputation and sales enquiries? And how much time per day/week do I put aside to put the plan into action?
  4. …Or do I do just a bit of ad hoc marketing stuff every now and then when I have a few spare minutes? Could I be using my time on other priorities or looking to outsource?

By answering these questions honestly, you may find that outsourcing Marketing and related activities (e.g. publicity, promotion, public relations) is the best and quickest way to generate pre-qualified quality leads, engagement with prospects and deeper rapport with existing customers that will enable follow-up appointments, sales and conversions.

Mustafa Khundmiri @copymatter.com>


Recently came across your website (Philipgwynne.Co.Uk) and went through some of the articles. I especially liked: ‘How to tell if you need help marketing your business’ as it was written in a clear, concise manner and informative manner. It’s always nice to see content that contains less fluff and more coherent information.

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