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How will you make 2018 your “turnaround” year?

Like you, I meet and chat with a lot of business managers, owners and entrepreneurs. And what I’m hearing a lot of at the moment is a “sleeves up” attitude to make 2018 their turnaround year.

These are people who’ve survived the recession, laughed in the face of the credit crunch, weathered government spending cuts and made their own plans for Brexit and now they want to – need to – beef up their sales and marketing in order to capture whatever new business, customers and sales might be “out there”.

But there’s uncertainty about how, exactly, to go about that… about what are the best, most effective and likely to be most profitable strategies to sustain and grow their business through the months ahead. I suspect you’ve been having the same kind of conversations.

With this in mind, I thought you might be interested in a couple of business booster workshops that are designed to get your 2018 off to a flying start. If you’d like me to reserve a place for you, follow this link: http://www.philipgwynne.co.uk/contact/

If the workshops are not relevant to you, perhaps you’d be good enough to copy the details to your friends, clients and contacts.…

Thank you

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[…] What I’m hearing at the moment is a lot of stubborn “sleeves up” attitude among business bosses to make 2018 their turnaround year. […]

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