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Inside out shirt sleeves – why???

Recently, the woman who does my laundry has started returning my shirts with the sleeves deliberately pulled inside out. No discussion, no explanation, no negotiation. Just an extra thing for me to do pulling them the right way again when I iron them.

I’ve not liked to ask why the sleeves are pulled wrong-way-round in case I offend her professionalism and am reported to The National League For Prevention Of Cruelty To Washerwomen. So I’m left to speculate that it might be one of those mysterious “customer experience” services that crop up from time to time.

Like folding the loo roll into a point in hotel bathrooms.

These things are dreamed up by marketing types to differentiate their offering from the competition and in hopes of creating high levels of satisfaction that’ll bring customers back for more and maybe bring their friends, family and neighbours with them….

But do they work?

Do you really book your hotel in favour of one that folds its loo rolls to a point? Or choose a bus journey because it offers a free newspaper?

Does anyone have any examples of good, bad or indifferent customer experience initiatives? Do they work or not – and why?

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