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Ironing shirts and take-out curries – good for the soul and good for business

If by chance you find me ironing my business shirts for the working week ahead, then it must be Sunday morning. Thursday afternoons are for collecting my laundry and changing library books. Friday nights I usually reward myself with a take-out curry and a glass of wine.

So -yes – I admit I’m a creature of habit. I believe good habits are important, especially to us middle aged blokes who live alone. Routines, habits, goals, ambitions, targets, to do lists, deadlines and similar are not only good for mental discipline but also help prevent us becoming dull, lazy, indolent and torpid.

But then, working to tight deadlines has always been a trademark of my career… from being a newspaper reporter (“I need 250 words on doorknobs by 11am”) to planning and executing multi-platform marketing and public relations campaigns.

The need to meet deadlines may seem obvious, but you might be surprised at how many suppliers fail in this regard. Get help, work late, whatever it takes to serve the person who pays your wages, the customer.

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