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Is it just me?

Is it just me, or do others in a similar role offering similar Marketing services also meet with shock, surprise and stuttering excuses when it comes to dealing with the question: How much?

Now, I’ m happy to offer  FREE sales and marketing audits to companies big or small to help them find where there may be hidden opportunities for growth and profit.

And I just love receiving calls out of the blue from owners and managers of SMEs who say they’ve come to a point where they recognise they need “some  marketing” but they’re not sure what “some  marketing” means exactly and will I go and talk to them about what they maybe ought to be doing.

In either of these scenarios, I give away a chunk my time and knowledge in the hopes that people will employ me and the resources of Naked Marketing & Public Relations to do the Marketing for them. Most of the time they agree with my recommendations and ask the question: How much. Which is a good sign that they’re moving towards buying.

Now at this point I ought to make it clear that my fees are very modest, below industry average, and reflect the amount of work that the prospect business requires – i.e. small businesses pay less than bigger businesses.

But it’s like people expect Marketing to cost NOTHING. Like they expect a marketing company to bring them extra sales and profits but don’t want to pay for the work in the first place.

Am I targeting the wrong marketplace (mature SMEs) or have I just encountered a breed of skinflint business managers? Have other suppliers of marketing and similar services met with similar experiences. Or is it just me?

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