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Is it worth publishing your own newsletter?

Once upon a time, and not so very long ago, any self-respecting company had its own company newsletter. The marketing or PR departments were tasked with writing it, producing it and distributing it to customers past and present. There were always half a dozen copies in Reception for the convenience of visitors.

So is it worth having a company newspaper of your own?

In addition to other direct marketing/direct mail campaigns, you should perhaps consider producing a regular (say, quarterly) newsletter for your company in both print (*there will be print costs + perhaps some artwork/graphics/photography costs) and online versions aimed at existing and hoped-for customers.

As well as being a terrific and powerful PR tool, your newsletter will enable you to:

  • Re-enforce and remind what was said in direct marketing/direct mail and publicity items
  • Tell new stories and expand on others published elsewhere (e.g. the website), especially case studies and testimonials
  • Provide an outlet for promotions and special offers
  • Be a sounding board for customer feedback and testimony
  • Foster and strengthen relations with Know Us & Use Us and Know Us, Use Us & Are Long-Term Loyal
  • Introduce us to Don’t Know Us & Don’t Use Us
  • Re-connect us with lapsed customers

The purpose of the newsletter is to reinforce and extend the reach of individual companies and to keep their name, brand and product in the thinking of core audiences and thereby to solicit additional sales enquiries.


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