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It’s an obvious question… so what’s YOUR obvious answer?

As a provider of marketing and related services, I’m frequently called in by businesses of all shapes and sizes to find ways of attracting more prospects and customers to their goods and services.

So an early question is: who are your ideal customers and prospects RIGHT NOW so we can find ways to reach more of them and then persuade them to buy?

I am frequently surprised at the apparent difficulty these business managers have in answering (what to me is) a simple question. Before you can increase the number of ideal prospects and customers, you need to be able identify and then reach out to more of the same or similar. But how can we hope to attract more customers if we’re not even sure who our current customers are?

In an ideal world, we ought to be able to walk out into the street and touch our ideal customer on the shoulder.

Social media is useful as a first step to reaching out if you frequently and regularly post content that’s of interest to your ideal prospects. And Linked In is like a networking group online full of people who are going to be interested in who you are and what you do.

But social media marketing can’t do it all by itself. Face-to-face meetings, seminars and networking events are more effective, so seek out meet-and-greet opportunities, polish your elevator pitch in readiness and have a clear call to action (e.g. “stop me and buy one”) you want your prospects to take.

And do you have a means of continuing to keep in touch with these people via direct mail or email?

Don’t expect sales and new prospects to fall into your lap at the first attempt, or the second or… but building relationships based on familiarity and trust with our ideal prospects and customs should inevitably and eventually lead to more customers, more sales and more profit.

Next time: Do you know how to make the most of your posted online content?

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