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It’s probably locked in a filing cabinet…Or chucked in the waste bin!

If we’re fortunate, we’ll have kept some customer sales records and feedback over time.

This information will enable us to match customers’ purchase histories with previous sales and marketing campaigns, enabling us to see what’s worked – i.e. produced sales – in the past for certain segments or types of customer.

The idea being that if we can target the people who’ve bought from us before, we can produce a mailer that will encourage them to buy some more from us in future.

The reason for doing database on-going examination and segmentation is

–        To identify opportunities for developing relationships that can lead to additional customers and/or additional sales.

–        To re-engage with people who Used To Use Us but don’t use us any more (lapsed)… and to see what, if anything, we might do to reinstate them as customers

–        To identify “prime targets” among people who Don’t Know Us And Don’t Use Us and Know Us But Don’t Use Us whom we’d like to have as customers

–        To foster relationships with Know Us And Use Us that will convert them into Know Us, Use Us And Are Long Term Loyal To Us

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