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Just how dissatisfied are YOUR customers?

Customers who become dissatisfied with your products, services, staff or YOU do not necessarily take their custom elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean they’re LOYAL!

Take banks, for example. Banks have endured a lot of bad Press over the last year so – dubious deals, hacked accounts, IT failures, and incompetent and uncaring buggers at the top of the organisation are just a few of the bad news heaped on bad news. And now they’re actually turning customers away(!) by closing down branches left, right and centre. With, apparently, no regard for the loyalty, patience and good will of their customers.

And yet…

80% of dissatisfied customers said they intended to change but only 10% were expected to actually do so.

Why do dissatisfied bank customers still remain loyal? (And this applies to customers in general, not just bank customers):

  1. Perceived inconvenience involved in switching. Though banks, utility companies and others have been forced to make it easy to switch accounts and providers, many people still think it’s difficult, time-consuming and inconvenient to switch and that their details might be hacked online. Assuming they have a computer and can do the switch online in the first place

  2. Customers feel there’s little difference between banks – “they’re all as bad!”

  3. Consumer inertia. The “can’t be bothered” attitude.

If you are a business owner or manager – or the manager of a department within a business – please ensure you and your team don’t also suffer from inertia – “we’re no worse than anyone else” just because your customers stick with you. http://www.philipgwynne.co.uk/about/


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