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Mining the database

…and targeting future customers.

The most obvious and readily accessed source of possible future business would appear to be the organisations you already sell to.

So let’s start to build a database of them and group contacts according to the following 5 “types”:

  1. Don’t know us and don’t use us (but they’re a lot like people who are already customers, so the are legitimate targets for marketing and sales effort)
  2. Know us and don’t use us (people we’ve had some previous contact with but who aren’t yet buying from us)
  3. Know us and use us (these are customers… for NOW. Or they’ve bought from us previously and we’ve had no serious contact with them since)
  4. Know us, use us and love us to bits (these are long term loyal customers. They’ve stuck with us through thick and then, through price rises and questionable customer service because they LIKE US and like our products and services. Or maybe because finding and setting up an alternative supplier would simply be too much like hard work! We want ALL our clients to be Know Us, Use Us And Long Term Loyal To Us.
  5. Used to use us (lapsed customers. We need to find out what we did to drive them into the arms of our competitors)

I suggest a “pulse” of 3-4 contact maiklers, starting with an introduction, followed up with a “state of the market” informational and concluding with a soft sell of “this is who we are and what we do.” This pulse to be delivered within the space of 4-6 weeks to maximise impact and retention.

miningDirect marketing/mailers should provide an opportunity to forge and strengthen relationships with database contacts that Know Us & Use Us, as well as providing an “outreach” opportunity with people who Don’t Know Us & Don’t Use Us, but whom we’d like to have as customers (hoped for customers).

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