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Most common email campaign mistakes

Business owners and managers often complain to me that they put virtually all of their marketing effort into email campaigns… and then can’t understand why they’ve been getting no response.

The most likely reason is that they’ve chosen email campaigns as a selling tool.

It isn’t.

It’s a tool to establish, maintain and build relationships with people we want to have as customers… and become familiar to them… and earn their trust through repeated communication… so that they turn to US when they’re ready to buy whatever it is we’re offering.

The other reasons businesses choose email are:

  • It’s easy to do – anyone with half a dozen brain cells can knock out a few well-chosen sentences (they reckon)
  • There’s virtually no cost – there’s no need for print, production or postage costs
  • They’ve bought a list of umpty thousand managers to send their emails to

But their emails bounce back unread by their intended recipient, or are deleted unopened.

So what’s going wrong?

The answer is probably:

  1. A bought-in list is just a list of strangers. They have no prior relationship with the people on the list people, so why on earth should they convert to being paying customers on the strength of an unsolicited email?
  2. Maybe the emails they’ve been sending are trying too hard to SELL.
  3. Emails alone are unlikely to move anyone towards making a sales enquiry – they need to be part of the overall marketing mix.

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