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New year = new sales?

We all know that the key to generating more sales, more income and more profit is by having a good sales & marketing plan in place.

So… how do you draw up a good sales & marketing plan?

For a limited time only, The Naked Marketing Company is offering:

  • An analysis of your sales and marketing activities to date … to highlight where your business may be leaking sales and where the opportunities lie to make more sales
  • A “shopping list” of exclusively-for-your-business marketing and sales activities designed to generate more sales and profit
  • A month-by-month calendar for putting these activities in place over the next 6, 9 or 12 months
  • An estimate of the time, effort, energy and resources that would be required to “make it happen”

It starts with a phone call (and maybe an informal meeting) and a conversation about who you are, what you do, who you do it for and how you do it….

It ends with you receiving a comprehensive written marketing & sales plan that you can begin immediately to apply to your business.

Cost: £99 all-inclusive.

This one-off investment could change the fortunes of your business for the better…for ever! Order your marketing & sales plan by the end of February to qualify for this one-off all-inclusive offer.

To find out more email enquiries@thenakedcompany.co.uk

Or tel Philip J Gwynne on 07549 153391

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