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No, you’re NOT mad if you talk to yourself!

Do you talk to yourself? I do, I don’t mind admitting… even if I’m only saying it to myself.

During my working day, I sometimes chastise myself or motivate myself or maybe even argue with myself to complete a particular project.

Also, I ask myself questions like: Where did I put that so-and-so? And: What was I doing before I was interrupted by the telephone?

I curse my occasionally recalcitrant computer and rehearse out loud my presentations, workshops, seminars.

I mutter through articles, direct mailers and news releases I’m preparing for clients, on the principle that if sounds right, it probably IS right.

I suspect many of us entrepreneur-types chunter to ourselves while working but probably don’t admit it because we were brought up to believe that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

It isn’t! It’s planning, practising, testing arguments, rehearsing and just thinking out loud. And so it’s good for business!

*Do you talk to yourself? And on what occasions?

Next time: If I was going to Dublin, I wouldn’t be starting from here!

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