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One of the most effective ways to establish and develop profitable business relationships

One of the most effective ways to establish, maintain and develop profitable business relationships is through direct mail/direct marketing to and with customers and prospects. So I’d suggest developing and delivering a calendar of direct mail/direct marketing activities, possibly complemented by a little newsletter.

Mailers/Email campaigns should be designed to

  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • Attract and develop relationships with new customers
  • Educate our marketplaces about what’s happening “in their world”.
  • Keep them abreast of developments at your enterprise
  • Each mailer can include a response mechanism so that its effectiveness can be measured subsequently.

The starting point for this activity would be the creation of a database (see post) that identifies contacts by sector and according to their relationship with and value to the business. This needs to be followed up with maintaining and evolving profitable relationships through regular contacts in the form of direct mailers and similar.

Responses should be monitored and measured so that the database contacts who read and respond to a mailer can be recognised and followed up. This would provide regular identification of warm sales leads generated by specific direct marketing campaigns, so that similar campaigns can be produced in order to create further warm leads.

Therefore, each campaign should generate a reader response report. This will show how many contacts out of the database have opened and read the mailer; and how many have clicked an embedded link for further information from the website i.e. those who have a measurable and expressed interest in what we do.

This report serves 2 purposes

  1. To identify possible sales leads to be followed up 
  2. To track which mailer subjects attract most attention among specific database contacts groups

Next time: Is it worth publishing your own newsletter?

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