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Putting your brand “out there”

One of the most effective (and low cost) ways  of putting your brand “out there” is through the use of positive publicity in newspapers and magazines that are read by the people you want to reach.

I’m talking here about a pre-planned programme of positive stories and features over a period of perhaps several months in order to create a climate of awareness about all that’s good about the business and is likely to produce positive associations in the minds of your target audiences.

However, it is my experience that a lot of businesses only come to think about publicity and PR at the last minute… and then think that knocking out a quick one-off news release will do the job for them.

Also, I get calls from organisations that are heading rapidly into trouble and believe a spot of publicity can save them.

It can’t.

So my advice is: if there’s a need to re-assess brand messages and values, publicity/PR must be woven into the fabric of that initiative right from the start. And will probably need to be continued indefinitely to ensure the right people are getting the right messages via the right medium.

… until a further survey among customers and hoped-for customers shows that word association with your business, products and services are all positive.


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