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Securing new & future business

CASE STUDY: security firm

E— is a small, new, enterprise specialising in property security. They need to establish themselves quickly with prospective clients their area. They asked The Naked Marketing Company to assess their efforts so far and to make recommendations for the future.

Our approach was

  • To position E— as the “go to” guys for property protection in their area.
  • To open up and exploit target markets of potential customers and consumers, both domestic and commercial premises
  • Through publicity, public relations and similar, to create an “environment of awareness” about E— – who they are and what they do – that leads to more involvement, engagement and recommendations from individuals and communities concerned with security and safety issues.
  • To build brand and reputation and to extend “reach” and profile
  • To establish and maintain goodwill relationships and continuing engagement and to deliver more users through newsletters, direct marketing, mailers and other touch points.

To this end, we recommended

  • Creating an up-to-date and valid database as a basis for future and ongoing “outreach” marketing efforts.
  • Direct marketing/mailers to forge and strengthen relationships with database contacts and with people they’d like to have as customers.
  • Well-placed publicity items as a low cost means of telling the E— story, reporting positive news and enhancing reputation.
  • At the moment, the website is “corporate” in nature and so I recommended introducing a “consumer” element to attract the domestic market.
  • As for social media, I’d use Linked In to forge business-to-business relationships and lift profile and use Facebook for specific “consumer” orientated campaigns to put the E— name and products in front of – and generate enquiries from – a wider audience whom we would not be able to reach by other means.

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